Armentex Premium

Armentex Premium is a way to enhance your user experience on our website. It gives you access to a number of Premium features and allows us to maintain and develop Armentex and keep it free from Ads.

Armentex Premium is non-mandatory. All core features of our website are free to use.

There is currently a FREE TRIAL PERIOD of one month available!


Premium Features


Results always available - While regular users only see the result if they voted on a poll, as a Premium user you will see it regardless.


Vote Count - Premium users see exactly how many people voted on a poll. In comparison to regular users who only see percentage values, this gives you even further insight into the result and enables you to analyze it even better.


Premium Slack workspace - Premium members are getting invited to a private slack workspace. There, you can discuss trading topics and talk about the results with other Premium members! The Invite will be sent via the E-Mail which was used to sign up for the premium service. In the workspace, there are different channels which all serve different purposes. If you are not familiar with Slack, that is not a problem. You can check out the basics on Slack’s website. The rest will be explained by the admins, once you are in the workspace.


Visuals - Premium users have a visually enhanced website. Our website will recognize if you are a premium user or not, and will adjust accordingly, once you are logged in.



Armentex Premium is a subscription service and costs 5 per month. This fee supports us in maintaining and developing Armentex and allows us to keep it free from ads. There is currently a free trial period of one month available, so you will first be charged at the end of this month.

You can either subscribe with PayPal or Credit Card. To sign up for Premium, log into your account and click the “Subscribe” button below (The button only appears when you are logged in). All Payments are processed by Paypal. You will be redirected to their website upon clicking the button. There you can subscribe using your Paypal account or credit card.

You can cancel the service at any time. For further details in regards to cancellation policy, price adjustments and so on, please refer to our Terms of Service.


If you have any questions about Armentex Premium, please contact us at !